Meet The Team 

Team Leadership

Team President



Vice President:

Nicholas R. 

Board Of Representatives:

Mechanical Sub Team Leader: Jordan H. 

Electrical Sub Team Leader: Marissa D. 

Programming Sub Team Leader: Owen A. 



Ethan H. 


Zachary P. 

Drive Team

The drive team is dictated by each years game manual. 

This year the drive team consists of a driver, co-driver, coach, human player, and technician. 


The drive team will be determined near the end of build season.  

Driver: Nicholas R.

Co-Driver: Matthew R. 

Coach: Ethan H. 

Human Player: Zach P.

Technician: Marissa D. 

Mechanical Sub Team

Mechanical Sub Team Leader: Jordan H. 

This team is responsible for constructing the robot/prototype, and completing testing and repairs our robot for the competition.

Electrical Sub Team

Electrical Sub Team Leader: Lucas E. 

The electrical team is dedicated to wiring, powering, connecting, and placing the various electronics/electrical systems that go into a robot.

Programming Sub Team

Programming Sub Team Leader: Owen A. 

The programming sub team is responsible for coordinating the computer-controlled aspects of the robot to ensure it performs the task of the game

Promotions Sub Team

The promotions sub team is responsible for handling communication between our promoters/sponsors and establishes fundraisers. This team covers our multimedia for publication and advertising purposes. Tracking the team's progress, participation, and awards and archiving all media coverage: photographs, videos, and news involvement.

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